[preview] Catrice - "Weg mit dem Alten" (Herbst/Winter 2014)

Es ist so weit: das halbjährliche Drama beim Sortimentswechsel geht los. Spontan trauer ich keinem Produkt so wirklich hinterher.

Ab August 2014 verlassen uns folgende Produkte:

1. Reihe: Absolute Eye Colour Mono - Mint of Change, Fancy a Coppa Tea?, Snoop Dovey Dove, Lilac del Rey

2. Reihe: Intensif‘eye Wet&Dry Shadow - Black Or White Swan?!, Vanilla Sky Ride, Lunch At Tiffany´s, Please Gold The Line, Glamourose

3. Reihe: prime and fine eyeshadow base; Liquid Metal Eyeshadow - We're The Inner Purple, Petrol Pan

The Giant Extreme Volume Mascara, Waterproof Top Coat "Unter My Umbrella", Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof "These Blues are made for walking", Kohl Kajal "Purple Du Soleil", Made To Stay Highlighter "Eye Want!", Gel Eye Liner Brush

1. Reihe: Ultimate Shine Gel Lip Colour - Love's Di-wine, Orangina, License To Pink; Ultimate Shine - Teddy Brown, Get The Nudes Paper!

2. Reihe: Ultimate Colour - Ginger & Fred, The Nuder The Better, Matt-erial Girl; Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish - Let’s Red Loud!

Longlasting Lip Pencil - The Perfect Pinkini, Tom And Berry; Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm - Rusty In Peace, I don't Red It; Infinite Shine Lip Gloss - Very Very Raspberry, Little Red Dress

Re-Touch Light-Reflecting Concealer - Porcelain; Cover Stick - Natural Beige; Blush Tint - Rose Flush; Camouflage Cream - Rosy Beige; Defining Blush - Apropos Apricot

1. Reihe: Mattifying Oil Control Film - Free Your Teint; All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder - Nude Beige; Prime And Fine Translucent (Loose Powder)

2. Reihe: Photo Finish Liquid Foundation - Deep Bronze; BB Allround Foundation Multi Benefit Make up - Light Beige, Rosy Beige, Nude Beige

1. Reihe: Pimp My Shrimp, Goldbusters, I'm Not A Greenager, Walk The Lime, Shopping Day At Bluemingdales, Purple Reign

2. Reihe: Denim Moore, Rosy One More Time, You Better Think Pink, Lilactric, I'm Dynamite, 2 Million Dollar Baby

3. Reihe: Miami pINK, Kitsch Me If You Can, Emerald Bay, Minter Wonderland, Meet Me À Paris

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